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Furthering the cause for Salvation Army
in the Muskokas

December 18, 2006

MOOSEFM logoAt the Moose FM in the Muskoka region, the station held a three day radiothon and KRG Children's Charitable Foundation was there to help as well. Steven Wise and the Foundation sponsored an entire radio hour with a donation of $500 going to the Muskoka branch of Salvation Army to ensure children in the area had toys on Christmas Morning.

Plastic Surgery Clinic at Sick Kids

November 15, 2006

In February 2006, Steven Wise, on behalf of the KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation presented The Hospital For Sick Children with a gift of $500,000 for the renovation of the Plastic Surgery Clinic at The Hospital For Sick Children.

Construction began in Spring of ’06 and completed by Fall of the same year. The Plastic Surgery Clinic at SickKids is visited by more than 8,000 young patients and families each year with conditions ranging from cleft lip and palette to severe burns.

Our goal was to create a warmer, friendlier, welcoming environment. That goal has been met” commented Mr. Wise at the ribbon cutting ceremony at The Hospital in early November ’06.


Susy Bleasby is a truly talented and dedicated artist who has been enhancing the walls at SickKids for the past few years. To date, Susy has painted the murals in the Emergency Department, Critical Care and most recently completed her work in the Plastic Surgery Clinic. “KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation has funded all of Susy’s work to date and continues its commitment until no wall is bear”, promises Steven Wise.

Enriching and enhancing children’s lives is what it’s all about for Steven Wise, Chairman and CEO of KRG Insurance Group and Chairman of KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation.

“KRG is in the insurance business and The Hospital for Sick Children represents a giant insurance policy for children and their families” emphasizes Mr. Wise.

Jump for OOCH raises much-needed funding for Camp Oochigeas!

August 28, 2006

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation continues its commitment to Camp Oochigeas by hosting the first annual Jump for Ooch Family Fun Day and Water Ski Show on Saturday, August 12, 2006.

Camp Oochigeas logoFor 23 years, Camp Oochigeas has been providing hope, self-esteem and the magic of camp to thousands of children with cancer. Each year, over 200 children affected by childhood cancer participate in Camp Oochigeas programs at no cost to their families. The sleepover camp would not exist if not for the generous contributions made by corporations and individuals. Medical equipment along with trained medical staff is on hand 24/7 throughout the summer months to meet the needs of these campers.

The KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation has been a strong supporter of Camp Oochigeas since 2003. “We are continually looking at innovative and inter-active ways to generate funds to help sustain the camp” explained Steven Wise, Chairman of the KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation. “This year, we were thrilled to launch “Jump for Ooch” – a water-ski show organized by Summer Water Sports Inc. and hosted by the KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation in association with ClubLink and The Lake Joseph Club . The program featured the best water-skiers in the entire Muskoka area and all of Canada for that matter” continued Mr. Wise. The show’s highlight came as a stunt skier jumped from a helicopter onto the water and managed to successfully bare-foot ski across Lake Joseph.

Jump for Ooch - photos

Well over 750 folks on land and numerous families in boats enjoyed the August 12th event. Over 30 Summer Water Sports staff comprised the show and corporate challenges pertaining to the ski jumps resulted in over $20,000 being raised for Camp Oochigeas. Plans are now underway for next year’s event.

Restoring the Spirit

June 8, 2006

CNIB logoThere is a very special place that has been quietly serving the visually challenged for over 40 years. It is the CNIB Lake Joseph Centre (fondly known as Lake Jo), situated on the north shore of Lake Joseph in the Muskoka Lakes Region.

During the summer months, The CNIB Lake Joseph Centre welcomes visually impaired children and youth (along with their families) to enjoy a true camp experience.

The programs offered at Lake Jo are a unique blend of fun and rehabilitation in a safe, accessible environment. Programs challenge campers to participate in new and exciting experiences, bolstering confidence with the strength and skills to face the many obstacles they face in a sighted world.

Over time, 40 years to be exact, time and weather have deteriorated the CNIB Lake Joseph Centre. A major capital campaign has been launched to rebuild the entire camp facility. The campaign, known as "Restoring the Spirit" has been launched with a generous commitment from Steven Wise and the KRG Children's Charitable Foundation. $500,000 over a five year period will be donated. On Wednesday morning, June 7, Steven presented the first installment of $100,000 to launch the campaign.

"Our Cornerstone Gift will set the wheels in motion to "Restoring the Spirit" at Lake Jo" said Steven. "Lake Jo is a very special place and the children who will benefit and enjoy the camp should have a state-of-the-art facility. We are proud and humbled to be involved", concluded Steven Wise as he presented the cheque to the CNIB Capital Campaign committee.

CHFI Radiothon for the Canadian Women's Foundation

May 10, 2006

Radio Station 98.1 CHFI hosted a thirteen-hour radiothon in support of The Canadian Women’s Foundation. The CWF is a national charity that supports abused women and their children. This includes support for shelters and programs that help children who have witnessed violence in their home, as well as programs that educate teens about healthy relationships and that violence in any form is unacceptable.

Here’s how KRG played a major role:

During the 7:00 a.m. hour, Steven Wise, Chairman of the KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation and Chairman and CEO of KRG Insurance Group joined Morning Show radio hosts, Erin Davis and Mike Cooper for an “Empower Hour”. Steve presented Erin and Mike with a cheque on behalf of The KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation in the amount of $10,000 and before his hour was over, he increased the donation to $15,000.

One million Canadian children have witnessed violence in the home and this has a lasting impact and a history of repetition. We all need to offer “shelter from the storm” and stop the violence!

KRG Insurance Group and the KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation wish to congratulate Erin, Mike, Ian MacArthur and the entire CHFI staff for their hard work and dedication to The Canadian Women’s Foundation. In thirteen amazing radio hours, 98.1 CHFI raised over $700,000 to help women and their children move forward in bettering their lives!

Mother's Day comes early for Durham Region Mom!

May 8, 2006

Steven Wise with Murphy familyFor Kari Murphy – an exceptional mom to eight children, seven being special needs children – a Mother’s Day gift of a wheelchair-access van is a much-needed necessity for day-to-day living and visits to The Hospital For Sick Children.

Kari Murphy and her husband Don first became parents to a healthy daughter, 15 years ago. Two years later, their second child was born – a son – quadriplegic and legally blind.

The Murphys, for over 10 years, have been foster parents to six additional special needs children and were able to adopt one of those children, who was, among other problems, born with HIV.

The children range in age from 8 to 14; one child, now an adult, lives in an assisted-living centre for the disabled, but comes home on weekends.

This is truly a very special family that was desperately in need of a new wheelchair van that could hold all their children at one time.

Through Liberty Motor Company in Oakville – North America’s leading manufacturer of rear-entry wheelchair-access vans – KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation was able to purchase the new vehicle for the Murphy family.

KRG House at the Children's Safety Village

April 19, 2006

Community Safety VillageThe Community Safety Village of York Region, run by the Police and Firefighters Associations is located in a designated area within the picturesque Bruce's Mill Conservation Park. Within this miniature village/neighbourhood which includes a Police Station, Fire Hall and Ambulance Centre, there are "houses"/mini-buildings represented by businesses within the corporate community including two banks the the ubiquitous Tim Horton's! Also of note, The Insurance Bureau of Canada is very involved with the Village and well represented with a House.

Within each of these houses, different 'home and street' lessons are taught to children ages 6 through 12 who are brought to the Community Safety Village through organized school outings.

Children learn about fire safety and hazards and what to do if there is a fire in the house; bicycle safety and the need for wearing helmets and obeying road signs. There are even mini golf carts that the children drive to learn about traffic lights and signalling!

Officially, on April 19th, 2006 one more 'house' was added: The KRG Children's Charitable Foundation House.

Our house, under the care, direction and guidance of a trained spokesperson (as chosen by the Police Commissioner) will teach children about the possible 'inappropriateness' of family or friends and how to get help from a trusted adult. (Statistics prove, that most sexual abuse of children is perpetrated by someone they know.)

Paul Martin, President and COO, KRG Insurance Group, sits on the board of The Community Safety Village and was very instrumental in bringing our attention to this incredible facility.

KRG Donates $500,000 to Sick Kids

February 9, 2006

Steven Wise announced a donation of $500,000KRG Children's Charitable Foundation continues its strong support for SickKids Foundation.

At the 17th annual KRG Gala, Steven Wise announced a donation of $500,000 to renovate and update the Hospital's Burns, Plastics and Cranial Facial Department. The ribbon cutting for this new and improved facility is expected in early December.

In addition to our on-going support of SickKids, the KRG Children's Charitable Foundation also participated in the annual Standard Radio 'radiothon" (first week of April) when Steve Wise presented $30,000 - $10,000 to each of three power hours: two on Easy Rock 97.3 and one Power Hour on 1010 News Talk Radio CFRB.


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